HELP Newby here.

About 3 weeks ago, I had my Avant towed to the dealership for failed engine timing chain. 86,000 miles on it and the engine was rebuilt under extended warranty. After picking the car up, engine runs fine, but my dash is lit up like a christmas tree with (light messages) some of the rear tail lights not working, rear brake light out, left rear signal light out, right rear tail light. I have checked numerous forums (ground issues), checked bulbs (all good) used electrical spray cleaner (no help). Same error messages all the time. Also, it is always the same lights out, some on the outer left, some inner left, some on the right side. It does not change from one start up to the next. EPC warning light has come on since picking up as well. I swapped all bulbs from left to right side, I still have the same error messages.

Is it possible when the tech put the car back together they forgot some ground in the engine compartment causing the tail light issue, EPC warning? Of course dealer says we didn't touch your lights. What do I do?

Hopefully, there is a tech out there or wizard who can point me in the right direction.