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    *Many B8 A4/A5 aftermarket/forged engine/interior/ parts

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    I have all my listings in Panjo, but to add here for further info, I bought/used these parts on my 2010 A4, I sold the car and here is what I have:
    (all prices are shipped except seats, pickup only on those, pics are in panjo listings, NIB is new in box)

    Stock 2.0T Longitudinal Turbo with Adjustable Wastegate and E-code Outlet - $400
    Audi S-Line Front and Rear Seats with heat/power/storage - $1000 Pickup only
    034 SD Motor Mounts NIB 2ea - $350 for both
    ECS Stage 2 Endurance Flywheel/Clutch Kit NIB - $1900
    ECS Rotamass Crank Pulley and Belt used - $50
    StopTech Rear SS Brake Lines NIB - $40
    R8 Oil and Coolant Caps used - $150
    ECS Aluminum Skid Plate NIB - $200
    IE Intake Manifold used - $800
    2 5x100/112 12.5mm spacers new with used lug bolts- $50
    Manual Boost Controller new - $25
    ECS Magnetic Oil Plug - $5
    Audi A4 Roof Bars with locking tool used - $300
    Audi Flat Bottom Steering Wheel w/paddles used and new Round Airbag - $850
    IE Connecting Rods with use of stock pistons NIB - $375

    NIB Engine Internals - Cost over $2600 asking $2300 shipped (I do not want to part out) For a full rebuild minus gaskets and timing.
    MAH-VC1027 Mahle Rod Bearing Set
    IEVTUU3 - IE Intake Valve Stem Seals
    IEVTUU4 - IE Exhaust Valve Stem Seals
    IEVTVC1 - IE Valve Guides
    Fer-TSI-F2179P- Ferrea Intake Valve Set
    Fer-TSI-EX-F2177P- Ferrea Exhaust Valve Set Super Alloy
    MAH-PVT3 - IE Spec Mahle Piston Set standard size 82.5mm 9.5:1 Ratio
    IERHVT3-RD - IE Connecting Rod Set Rifle Drilled 144x22
    IEVTVC3 - IE Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit

    For questions, please send me a pm. I lowered all NIB prices than original MSRP. I no longer ahve the car and need to sell all extra parts. Again, these are for sale in Panjo if you would like to go directly there and buy using paypal.
    2010 Audi A4 Quattro Prestige 290awhp/315awtq

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    Hello interested in the engine 034 mounts and ECS skid plate.

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    Interested in steering wheel and r8 caps. Can you text me pics? Dm me for number

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    navarre fl

    2010 Audi A4 Quattro Prestige 290awhp/315awtq

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    Interested in the roof bars, do you have any pics?

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