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    Post ABout To buy an S4 B8.5 any suggestions?

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    im about to buy an Audi s4 2013 6spd manual with 55,000 miles
    it is asking 23,000 dlls ,
    he showed me the maintenance records for the 45,000 milles
    any recommendations /ideas suggestions?
    i have to decide tomorrow friday if im gonna buy it or not..
    i already test drove it, it feels fine with no problems, im just wondering about the warranty
    is it possible to get a warranty? or something
    i live here in Denver Colorado.

    thank you in advance guys

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    if you did nt buy it yet, Id get a PPI if you are not buying from Audi dealer..its like 175-200$ but totally worth it.. focus on leaks, gaskets and paint condition for any damages..

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