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    HELP! Replace Mechatronic or Transmission

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    I got Gearbox Malfunction/TPMS warning lights. One dealership told me to replace the Mechatronic. BUT another dealership told me to replace the Entire Transmission. What I should do?

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    You should find out what is actually wrong with it and fix that, not just something somebody told you was wrong with it. Just my opinion.

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    Replace Mechatronic or Entire Transmission

    Good question: if itís under warranty Iíd say replace transmission with a NEW one, if not Iíd advise to find a dealer/Audi specialized shop that you trust (ask in your regional forum and/or check reviews) and take it there.
    Or if you want to do it yourself, scan the car with vcds/Odis and check Audi service bulletins.

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    I just had the same issue. Mine is 2011s4 125k

    What is yours?
    Also what code do you have?

    I fixed mine for $650 and 3 hours. It was apiece of cake and glad I did. I would be happy to run you through the steps.

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    You may want to communicate with this guy. He seems to be very knowledgeable and has replaced many mechatronic units. He probably can advise you as to which way to go


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