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    B6 S4 Brake Conversion issues.

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    Hello all. About 3 months ago I converted to the B6 S4 front and rear brakes. During this process the car was down with open lines for about a week, the brakes in question came off a running driving car that belonged to my co-worker. When I finished putting the car back together I could not get the brakes to bleed correctly. Purchased an aftermarket master cylinder, bench bled it, installed it, same issue present. Purchased an OEM master cylinder, installed it, same issue present. Purchased and installed a used brake booster as well to no avail. The issue with the brakes is that the car will not gain pedal pressure, despite there being no air in the lines. We have an air pressure bleeder at my work (Audi dealer) and we have gotten the ABS pump to run and bleed as well. The car has now been sitting for the last two months due to no technician being available to look at the car. A few noteworthy things is that I replaced the front brake hoses, all the masters were bench bled, the only main difference is that the booster we put in was not the same style that came out. There is the TRW brakes and the ATE brakes, the car originally was equipped with the TRW and the booster in it now is an ATE setup. At this point my patience has worn thin and I'm pretty much out of options. Before anyone asks, the calipers are installed on the appropriate sides and fluid is coming out of all calipers. Don't tell me to do a search I came up with nothing, if anyone has any kind of insight or personal experience with this please chime in. I need this car back on the road as soon as possible. Thank you
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    Are the brake pads and rotors new..? Also, are the emergency brake cables connected and the emergency brake functional...?

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    With a bleeder open do you get fluid out when you push the brake pedal? When you were power bleeding did you try using a manual bleed procedure of pushing the pedal and cracking each bleeder screw? Basicly do a manual bleed with an assist from a power bleeder.
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    How much fluid did you lose during the week with the lines open? I think you have a ton of air in the system and need to get the car up in the air, and pressure bleed the system via a Motive power bleeder. Get at least 2 liters of fluid, a mason jar, about 3’ of clear hose and go to work.

    Oh, and before you get started- get the car up in the air, have someone press on the brakes with light pressure and try to rotate each wheel...this will help isolate where the problem is. DC that all of your lines are tight, too- it doesn’t take much for a line to be loose and not completely seal on the flare fitting. HTH
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