I thought I saw something on this forum but I don't think I was able to refine my search parameters enough to find it again... I was looking at the AWE exhaust and was thinking the Touring version would be best for my needs. The question is resonated vs non-resonated downpipes? By way of background I had the non resonated downpipe/Touring version on my B8.5 A4 and you could barely hear it inside the car. With my B9 S4, the stock exhaust was OK but not aggressive enough so I added the ECS center resonator delete and it's great at idle, under acceleration and deceleration but has more of a drone than I'd prefer in the mid 2000 rpm range. I'd like something that is aggressive enough to hear inside the car but no drone.

I remember reading that someone had experimented with the different AWE versions and felt they found a good solution.