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    Battery Question 2016 A6 3.0

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    My low mileage 39 month old A6 battery is cranking fine. However, I recently did a voltage test after the car sat a day (drove 60 freeway miles the night before). Voltage was down to 12.1 voltage. I have thrown a 3A battery tender on a few times, but the highest I could get (after several hours charging and turning the lights on for a bit) was 12.5v. What should the resting voltage be on a relatively healthy battery on A6 3.0? Will the dealer check the battery under the 4 year car warranty at no charge? If it needs to be replaced is there any warranty remaining on the battery? What is a fair price from dealer for new battery (installed)? I have an extended Audi warranty and while I realize the battery is not covered, I want all repairs done at the dealer for continuity sake. Thanks!

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    If the car is not running anything over 12 is fine. With the car running it should be 13.5 to 15 ish. Every car will be slightly different

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