I have a 2007 Audi A4 2.0t Quattro Automatic. I threw a connecting rod through my block so I bought a complete remanufactured shortblock, new turbo, and deleted the cat. Everything went smooth with the swap and I test fired the engine worth success. It fired right up with no lights on the dash. After letting it idle I got a low oil pressure warning. I thought it might be a little low on oil so I checked it again and it was 1/2 qt low, added some and still oil light. I unplugged the sensor from the oil filter housing and plugged in a lil pressure gauge and sure enough I have somthing really strange going on. I have 15-20psi cold start at idle and once it warms up I have 8-10psi. Any acceleration and the pressure drops to 0psi. I don't have and clanking. Any ideas??