I recently had the front windshield on my 2009 A3 quattro replaced. The vehicle has rain-sensing wipers, but after the windshield replacement that rain-sensing function seems to be very "insensitive", meaning that even if some light drizzle is falling, the wipers are extremely reluctant to consider wiping the screen. Yes, they WILL eventually do it, and if rain is very hard the rain-sensing seems to react more, but overall the sensing is rather muted.

I have been digging online but have not come to a clear answer of whether the rain-sensing on the A3 can be adjusted. I am hoping that worst-case a VAGCOM device could dig into some specific menu/module and allow tweaking of this feature. Does anyone know for sure, and if so, can you guide me in case I need to approach my local VW/Audi guru to help me???