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    02 Allroad spongy brake pedal

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    Pads and rotors are good. I've gravity bled the system multiple times but the brake pedal stays soft and spongy. Recommendations on what to do next?

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    Maybe an issue with brake booster?
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    i think there is a vacuum line that helps with the booster
    check that for cracks/breaks/leaks
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    in addition to normal bleeding of the brake system you also need to bleed EPS pump which is only doable with VAG-COM/VCDS or equivalent tool (Xtool for example). Using the tool you can direct ABS module to engage the pump and bleed any residual air trapped in there.

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    Yep. Got to do this to mine yet. I see that the Bentley also says to do a weird bleeding order, RF, LF, RR, LR is the correct order on this car.


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