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    Question Time to play - Name this piece of debris

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    Short story; the tiptragic gasket had been seeping for a while, so i decided it was time to have it resealed
    and so we know what that required
    had an indy shop take care of it for me; when they cleaned the pan magnets off they found this

    they had no clue what it could be
    for the record, the tippy was shifting ok before, considering the fluid was a bit low
    and its been a lot better since the drain and fill

    so the obvious question is, where did it come from?
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    I'm just going to guess, since I did a trans swap in an A4 recently (with 5hp19 trans should be mostly the same )and I had the pans off both trans's. I think...I'm just going off foggy memory now-- that piece might just be from the detent on the internal shift selector/ gate thing. With the pan off I manipulated the shift selector on the side of the trans and I think I remember there being a spring loaded detent you can just see as you click through the gears. I think that part might be a little 'arm' that is spring loaded and moves across a set of 'teeth' sort of and with tension against it, it holds it in the gear slot. I can picture it, but it's possible my brain is creating that memory too!
    I still have one of those trans's sitting out back with only a couple screws holding it on. After a couple beers later I may go look and see if I'm nuts.

    If somehow I got it right then I honestly don't know what the outlook is for a trans missing that. I think on one hand, it's not like a manual trans where there are forces that want to push the thing out of gear. If it was driving normal and still does...then I guess you try and forget you ever saw that thing!
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