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    Heating system takes a long time to warm up

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    Hey everyone!

    Just trying to get some insight on a particular problem Iím running into. Itís getting colder here in WA and my heating system is taking a very long time to blow heat into the cabin. My commute to the dealership in the morning is 40 mins. It was only when I arrived at the dealership where it started to blow hot air.

    I took it into a dealership and they said my heater core needs to be replaced. Took it into a mechanic to get a second opinion and they basically said my car just takes a long time to heat up the cabin. Last winter, it would take a few mins to get warm air at the very least from a cold start.

    The temp gauge gets up to temp and stays in the middle. The system blows cold air until engine oil temp gets to 200+ degrees in the dash and then the air gets hot. Dealership topped off the coolant.

    Itís probably a simple solution (hopefully), but I appreciate any help! Thanks!

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    Def. some kind of issue - maybe the valve that sends the coolant through the heater core. My car blows heat by the time I get to the end of the block.
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