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    Optimal offset for B9 A4?

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    I have a 2017 A4 Premium with base (not sport or S-Line) suspension. I'm going to repurpose my factory 17" ET38 wheels as snow wheels, and buy aftermarket 18" or 19" wheels for 245 tires for summer.*

    What is the best offset or range of offsets. Most packages I see online are ET35, but the factory 8.0" wheels are ET40 I believe.

    I've always understood that too much outset put undue stress on the bearings and also caused wheel pull. What is the best range of offsets for this car? I get that it will look better with more outset.

    Open to input.


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    We typically recommend going up to a 9 wheel with a +40 offset. Going wider will fill up the wheel opening nicely with a 255 tire.

    Relative to the 8 (+40) that you referenced, a 9 (+40) will sit 13mm closer to the fender but also 13mm closer to the inside. It will balance the wheel and tire mass perfectly. Also, keep in mind that a quality aftermarket wheel will be significantly lighter than stock. My SV104s saved 10 pounds each over factory RS3 rims.
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    Question for with a B9 S4...I want to keep a 18" rim due to roads in the area I live.

    I like the look of the 19" offset (which I believe is ET32) but I don't want to get new does it make more sense to get some 8mm spacers?


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