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    Question Jerking downshift when accelerating quickly

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    Hello all, I know that this is a common thread, but I haven't found anything that has to do with a 2015 a4 (new to the site). I have a 2015 a4 2.0t 8sp automatic with 33k miles. I just got the car a month ago and it recently started shifting rough. When I accelerate quickly from a slow speed (20 mph or so) or from a stop, there is a hesitation, then it jerks fairly violently and starts accelerating quickly. Then when I level the speed, it shifts back up with a less noticable but definite thump. It seems to happen in the range of gears 2-3-4 and the rest of the gears seem to shift just fine. It is especially noticable when the acceleration is from full throttle and less pronounced from say 50% throttle. I am able to avoid the jerking if accelerating slowly. I am driving it in dynamic, but I will try comfort/auto tomorrow. Any ideas on what it might be? I just want to know some potential issues before I go into the dealer to get it checked out.

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    I've been doing a lot of research on my as well. i have a hard down shift from 3-2 but only going down. There are some o-rings and square rings inside the bottom of the transmission that leak causing the hesitation or delay.
    search youtube for shoplifetv . he shows the zf6hp - 6 speed trans. im sure you got the same as me ZF8ph.
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