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    Question Cold Start Exhaust Rattle

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    After installing a new exhaust I have been getting some rattle noise that happens mostly on cold start. I had a chance to get under my car this weekend and take a look at possible problem areas. I believe I have found the spot but need some help figuring out the best solution. It seems that my exhaust is hitting against what I would assume is a chassis brace. See picture.

    My first guess was to get a better hanger to give a little more clearance to the exhaust. I however think it will be way to difficult to find a hanger that is only about .25-.5 inch shorter. I also believe I can't go with a much shorter hanger due to the rattle possibly moving to another section of the exhaust that is close to the chassis. I was thinking that maybe I can use some kind of high temp foam/rubber on the top of that brace and between the exhaust. Does anyone have any idea a product that may be able to help in this situation?

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    Take a look at your turbo wastegate system. If it is loose it could cause the rattle you describe. You would notice the rattle most when the RPM’s are coming back down.
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    Maybe it is related to the turbo getting to a minimum operating temp.


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