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    Possible centre diff issue?

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    I just took my car out camping, figured id have a little fun on the muddy road (clearly not my brightest idea). Usually im careful with how i bag my car and the road was flat enough and very slippery. My car is now making a rough grinding noise, almost like my driveshaft is making steady contact with my undercarriage (if i had to compare it to something) when i turn right and engage the clutch to accelerate, this continues throughout the first gear until im straightened out. I believe the sound is coming from my centre diff but i could be wrong. The sharper i turn, the worst the grinding is. The sound doesnt happen at higher speeds and i have noticed no difference in the side to side pull of the car when i do accelerate. No clunking from my cv either. I apologize if theres already a thread to this, i couldnt find the exact thing that im experiencing. Thanks for the help.

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    Have you looked underneath it to see if anything visually appears out of place?

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    You smashed your exhaust pipe into the heat shield that sits in between the exhaust pipe and the driveshaft. So now the heat shield is rubbing on the driveshaft.

    Source: I have a somewhat upsized 2.5" stainless exhaust that I got hung very tight to the bottom of the car (for ground clearance purposes). At the tightest point there is about a 1" gap between the exhaust pipe and the driveshaft. This is right at the front of the rear differential. If I bottom out on something, the exhaust will push up and bend the heat shield. After this, the heat shield will rub on the differential input cup and/or driveshaft rear CV joint, especially in Reverse or Decel because it pushes the diff nose downward. I just have to get under there and tweak the shield a little and it's good to go.
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