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    Looking For Advice for 2015 B8.5 RS5 brake replacement

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    Hi all,

    I was looking if someone could give me some advice for replacing brakes on my B8.5 RS5. Audi has quoted me $5000 for front and rear replacement of both the rotors and pads. Would it be better for me to buy an aftermarket kit and have a local shop replace them so that I could save some money? Any help would be appreciated because this is my first time replacing brakes on my RS5.

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    RS5 brakes are spendy, regardless of whether OEM or aftermarket....
    if you have local indi shop that you are sure does good work it will likely be significantly cheaper in the end than going thru the dealer.

    i would talk to Ben, aka Mops

    he has lots options for aftermarket brakes including BBK's (big brake kits).

    he helped me with sourcing when i put a full set of f&r S5 brakes on my A5.
    saved a ton & my brakes are fantastic...


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