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    Questions about a4 with ko4

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    Hey guys, so i just bought a used 2000 a4 with a ko4 turbo instead of the stock turbo. Other than that it has an intake, Downpipe and 3"inch exhaust and a front mount intercooler. I've been reading up on tunes since the car still has the stock ECU. I want to make sure nothing goes wrong so I'm hoping to get insight from y'all. First, I've noticed talk on injectors and while I understand they help the tune, I'm wondering if its necessary to get them first since the car still has the stock ones. I know this injector question really relies on what tune I'm getting, so let's assume it was on a stock motor getting flashed by APR or some other company. Also, I've seen mixed opinions on whether you can run ko3 software on a ko4 so I was wondering if theres a final answer on this.

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    You're fine. A K04 can be ran as a bolt with stock fueling and tuning, or with a tune and injectors. 386cc and 440cc seem to be popular injector choices for K04s.

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    you can run it stock. but getting injectors and a tune will really wake up the car with the k04. the right tune and injectors wakes up a k03 quite a bit.
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    As the others have said.

    Straight from a BW technician, a Ko4-015 is a factory upgrade over the ko3, producing a gain of 15hp. That, is (was) it's sole purpose, nothing more less.

    Then tuners got involved, 250hp, 300tq . If you decide to tune, do not buy anything "tune related" till you get the tune everything revolves around that specific tune (injector type/brand/cc, fpr bar size, spark plugs type, maf housing size, etc).
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