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    S3 race alignment?

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    Hi all, got a Stage II 15 S3', mag shocks with almost the entire 034 suspension and driveline catalog in it. running 255 square setup, about -3 camber in front, a bit less than stock camber in the rear, zero toe up front and within stock tolerance for toe in on the rear. Compared to all my other cars, this still handles poorly and simply won't rotate. Planning to skinny up the rears to 235 and set rear toe at 0, but anything else I need to do to get this thing to rotate? Rear bar is on full firm already, and running rear pressures a bit high to reduce rear grip. Both my Beetle and my GLI handle better than this with less mods, so a bit surprising how resolutely boring it is in the corners.

    2015 S3: Uni Stage 2 ECU/TCU / Most of the 034 chassis and suspension catalog / APR Intake, Turbo inlet and Downpipe / ECS resonator delete / Neuspeed turbo muffler delete & discharge piping / 18x8.5 ET35 255/40
    2008 R8 V8 Manual: Uni 93 ECU tune / Avior Exhaust / 15mm Spacers / R8 Puddle lights / Custom mats
    1991 LS400: Literally every part replaced or modified in some way (24hrs of Lemons car)

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