Can anyone here comment on the status of the Audi Connect on-line destination service, which hasn't worked for me since at least July.

When trying to access my saved destinations on our 2014 A4 with MMI 3G+ (Navigation > Destination > Online destinations > Find destination from myAudi account), I get this message:

The data connection could not be established.
The server is not responding.

I don't recall exactly when this started happening, but it seems to me this stopped working end of July (2018) around the time when Google changed the API for linking maps/destinations with our myAudi accounts.

Mobile 3G data works fine in our car: Audi Connect Info, Google on-line searches, and Google Earth map overlays work as they should.

Since we got this A4 in July 2017, we've used this feature often when we travel out-of-town. Not having it work recently has been more of an annoyance than anything. It would be nice to have it working again.