I have looked all over this website and every other website trying to find info on putting a S4 B6 cluster into a A4 B7. I have found an infinite amount of info on the subject, but not definitive answers about getting the pin/sku from the b7 instrument cluster. I have bought or already had every obd port adaptor that everyone says use. I have 2 actual Ross-Tech cables and software, 2 of the black with red writing vag commander units, and I have 1 kkl unit. I have followed every guide and post. I'm not even sure I have to go through this if my ecu has already had the immo bypassed (its stage 3++++++++++++++ by Motoza) because of my 2.7t motor swap.
I used one of the softwares to get the pin off the new (but older) instrument cluster and it worked fine. When I install the B6 cluster, the hazards come on and it starts shutting down my gauges and ac one at a time. So, I just need to get my eeprom dumped or the pin retrieved from a B7 cluster. Any info would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys

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