My wife and I regretfully own a 2010 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro. It is driven daily by my wife to and from work. We purchased it pre-owned with great service records by Audi dealers and low miles. In the three years we've owned it, it has had many unreasonable engine problems with regard to mileage. Apparently the 2.0T was a poorly designed engine or corners were cut intentionally, either way the engine has major flaws. It started soon after we bought it with oil consumption. It was exhibiting all the signs, smoke during and after acceleration, black tailpipe, and of course oil consumption. During this problem, the engine also developed a rattle. After the several "phases" of checks by a dealership and a lot of "it's normal" resistance talk we had the engine oil consumption campaign performed. While the engine was removed I paid for the timing chain and tensioner replacement which caused the rattle. (see This seemed to have "fixed" the engine. Fast forward a year and less than 10k miles, the engine has developed another rattle and underperformance. I took the car into an Audi dealership and found out it's now the K03 (I believe) turbo beginning to fail. I've done some research including this website that this is yet ANOTHER known problem with the Volkswagen/Audi 2.0T. My service writer and their manager went to Audi to ask for assistance since they are familiar with all my problems as well as all the known 2.0T problems. They said Audi will NOT assist in the several thousand $ repair. Apparently Audi does not stand behind their faulty product and must believe the absurd problems they designed into the 2.0T is the responsibility of their customers. Meanwhile, the cars have depreciated enormously because of all these known problems. My wife and I are now stuck in this ridiculously problemsome vehicle facing repair bills that eclipse most of the book value of the car. I'm at a loss literally and figuratively. The experience I've had with Audi is one of disappointment especially considering they call themselves a luxury car company. The only luxury I've seen as an owner is with the initial price, subsequent repairs, and then finally the luxurious depreciation. Also it seems the only responsibility Volkwagan/Audi show is after litigation (class action law suits, diesel scandal). If anybody has more info, suggestion, or are experiencing the same problem, please post here.