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    What are you paying - Asking for a friend

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    Helping out a friend. What are you all seeing on 2018 msrp discounts?

    Current offer:

    2018 Audi A4 2.0T Premium Plus


    Premium plus
    Black optics
    Nav & Telematics
    Sport package
    Audi beams - Ring

    Msrp 50,125

    Discount 8,160

    Agreed upon value 41,964


    Thanks in advance

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    Thatís a big discount Iíd say take it and run

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    take it and RUUUUNNNNN

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    Yeah that's better than you'll ever find again. Take it and run

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    That is a great discount! Is the car brand is it a demo model that has a few miles on it? Seems like it must be to get that kind of deal.
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    Got the exact same car/packages. The car is arriving this week.

    Don't ask me why but I think that in Canada, the prices are way lower than in the US.

    MSRP was: 52,625CAD (41,035.38USD)

    Discount: 6,000CAD (4,678.62USD)

    Agreed on 47,000CAD with Audi Care (36,649.17USD)

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    Like they all said, RUN and donít look back. Thatís 2gs lower than what I got last year for the same specs.


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