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    06 Audi A3/8P WOT bucking

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    Trying to figure out why my Audi 8P has power loss and bucking during WOT.
    This is a video of what Iím describing:
    The only thing that resolved this is letting off throttle. Also sometime EPC light comes on briefly and disappears once letting off the throttle.
    I have recently replaced spark plugs and MAF sensor.
    OBDII Scaner gave the following codes prior to plug/MAF change: P0089, P0171, P0420, P2181, P000A, P0321. Trying to find VCDS in my area.

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    Coil packs

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    Quote Originally Posted by tylaughter View Post
    Coil packs

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    Agreed they show signs of failure under load /wot

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