Hey members of Audizine. I recently got an 1986 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro thats been sitting for a while and doesn't run. It has some aftermarket adjustments such as a custom Ecu, Msd ignition, new cam, and some Audi V8 suspension parts. I want to get some help on a few things.

So far it doesn't run because of the starter, ignition coil, and allegedly a crank position sensor. Otherwise, it seems to have a fuel leak directly coming from the line from being rusted.

I will post some pictures and videos.

The starter has two wires, one to the alternator and one to the battery. Those are connected, however a third wire appears to be just hanging out and I'm not sure where it goes.

The ignition coil is flat out absent. And last but not least the Crank Sensor can't even be tested yet.

My goals are to have an inline 5, and to learn more about the electronics of how a car mechanically operates.

Thank you,