Excelerate Performance Presents: APR's New 2.5TFSI Turbocharger Inlet System!

What does it do?

The APR Turbocharger Inlet System outflows the factory components by up to 45%. This is achieved through elimination of the most critical restriction in the entire intake system, the turbocharger inlet pipe!

Because of this restriction, no intake airbox / filter design can match the gains achieved by upgrading to the APR Turbo Inlet System alone.

This is the first step one should take when upgrading their intake system, and paves the way for even more gains!

How does it work?

The APR Turbocharger Inlet System uses a massive 4” carbon fiber inlet tube that attaches to the factory airbox (or upcoming APR Intake System ).

Attached to the new carbon fiber tube is a 4” cast aluminum inlet. This is shaped to retain the largest possible cross sectional area within the pipe all the way to the inlet of the turbocharger’s compressor cover!

Despite the odd shape, keeping the cross-sectional area as large as possible is the key to the pipe's performance gains, and allows it to greatly outflow a smoother looking continuously tapering design.

Furthermore, a thick stainless steel heatshield protects the pipe from the hot turbocharger manifold, and an external stainless PCV pipe provides proper PCV placement without impacting the inlet’s design!

The inlets are available with modular interlocking rings to provide port-matched support for even larger hybrid turbocharger upgrades (sold separately).

Where can you buy one?

Excelerate Performance has you covered!

We have tons of APR products in stock, and can get our hands on many more!

Feel free to send us a PM or an email to sales@excelerateperformance.com for the best pricing available on APR parts!

Happy modding!