So I went to look at a 2001.5 black s4 today. The kid selling the car doesn't know much about what was done to the car. The engine in the car was definitely changed to a earlier s4 (most likely a 2000 year) with less mileage under 100k he was told. My question is, has anyone come across a tune that would call for the maf sensor to be unplugged? The maf was unplugged in this car and he said the previous owner tuned the car himself. The car idled fine, drove ok, the clutch is shot he told me that before I went to looks it. It has like an inch of play up top and it vibrates bad when releasing the pedal. If I buy the car that would be the first thing I did. Sorry I just started babbling I am just curious about the tune he said it was some demon file. Has frankenturbos supposedly boosting 20 psi, and everything else is stock except exhaust. Let me know if any of you guys have thoughts on that type of setup/tune