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    The big 250k! A testimant to Audi engineering

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    Went on Vacation last week with my wife and kids.

    Drove the Audi, and on the way down during the 7hr drive I rolled over 250k!

    Original timing equipment! Chains and Guides are all original and now have over 250,000 Miles! Thats 402,336 KM!

    Car still looking good and still going! Being back from vaca its now over 251k miles!

    The Window sticker is framed in my office... lol

    I was honest with myself, this many miles anything can happen so I brought a tool box, a set of torx and oil/water. lol...

    That trunk... Fitting 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag, it all fits!

    Car has plenty of small problems and a check engine light... But still runs and drives and looks half decent.
    2006 A6 3.2L Quattro S-Line (got my baby back)

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    I hope you didnít jinx yourself by starting this thread. . Do you know why the CEL is on?
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    Haha I hope not. Yea vacuum pressure issue I'm tracking down.
    2006 A6 3.2L Quattro S-Line (got my baby back)

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    congrats on the milemark! And man that beach looks beautiful. I havent seen the ocean since I moved to OKC last year lol Definitely on my to-do list when I go visit my folks in Miami next year. Back to reality for you huh? Whats the word on the headlights?
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    Very cool. Great looking color too! I got mine for a good looking fun daily driving to keep miles off my other car. Hope I have that kinda luck since dumping 3k taking care of all the maintence items on mine to hopefully get many trouble free years out of it in the future.

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    This post has given me new hope. I have read LOTS of doom and gloom about this car (I have an 06 A6 3.2), especially when it gets to around 130K miles. I currently have 115k and I put around 1K per month on it.

    As a result, I drive my car everyday waiting for something catastrophic to happen. I feel like I can't even enjoy the car because I am just waiting for it to go belly up. I'm also reluctant to invest money into the car to make it better because I'm afraid that it will be a waste of money because the car is gonna die soon. When I say die, I'm referring to something failing that will cost several thousand dollars to fix; which I'm not gonna spend.

    Yes, I do realize that there is PM that I need to do to hopefully prevent some of those things from happening.

    Your post helps to change my mindset on things now. Thanks.

    You car looks awesome too.

    Take care.
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