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    A/S/RS 5 Sportback Suggestion

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    Hi Vincenzo,


    I have a 2018 S5 Sporkback and while I really like the car I miss the grocery hooks from my S4. I know the S5 does have flip out hooks on the cargo area sides but they're not as convenient and they don't hold as many bags.

    It would be amazing if Audi could offer something like a plastic coasted extruded aluminum or steel bar that clipped into the cargo area walls like the privacy cover does. It could have a channel on the bottom to allow the S4 style grocery hooks to slide in and would allow the user to position them how they wanted (or having them them permanently affixed would be fine too). A setup like this would allow for the convenience of the S4 style grocery hooks but also allow you to remove the bar when the full cargo area was needed.

    I would gladly pay for this as a factory option or even as a dealer accessory.

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    If my next Audi doesn't have grocery hooks in the trunk......the cars going back!
    Seriously! The best convenience feature in the car!
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