I wanted to take a minute to stop by and thank you folks for all the positive feedback here. The response coming from all the new customers referencing the things they've read here has really meant a lot to me. I do my best to do right by you guys like I would want someone to do right by me. I spent a lot of years looking to you guys for advice on directions to go with my various builds. I want to be the kind of business that I would want to have a relationship with. My goal is to come through like that for you. Many of you know I answer my phone and text well into the nights and weekends when you're working on your cars. This means more to me than a couple bucks. For your support, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here are a few new items that have dropped recently. I wanted to get these out there in a new thread and let you see the exciting new stuff for yourself.

Brand new on the scene is the TCU+ Transmission Tuner. This OBDII tuner plugs into your diagnostic port and retunes the transmission to get rid of much of the shift lag. It also enables me to run some more aggressive tuning without sacrificing the shift quality. This thing really does work. We've shipped over 40 of them just this week alone and the feedback is already pouring in.

You can buy it here

Here is old faithful. The Bluetooth DTE Powercontrol Tuner (formerly DTUK here in the States. Same product, more relevant name). This is what got it all started for me and you can read about it extensively here and here .

Click here to buy one

We also have the DTE Pedalbox throttle response tuner. This is basically a short shifter for your accelerator pedal. It helps to mitigate the throttle lag especially when driving in "D"

You can find those here

And the blacked out version here

We also released our own take on a cold air intake. Itís not the flashy (and scarce) AWE Carbon Fiber one, or the gorgeous but fantastically priced Eventuri one. It just works. It's not super flashy. It's reminiscent of the Roc Euro except it shields a little better from the heat in the engine bay and comes with a mounting system that more aptly matches the quality you'd want to put in your Audi.

You can find it here with the ECS turbo inlet included

And finally, for those of you thatg have been asking, here is a "Staged package that include all 4 of these. It will come with a tune that can pump out around another 15-20 HP with the advent of more air and mitigating the shift smoothness with the TCU unit. Overall this will save you almost $300 over buying everything separately.

You can find the combo here