Europrice is working with CETE Automotive in Germany to bring and support their innovative controller packages in North America and they have come up with an R8 2nd Gen specific exhaust valve control module...

  • Full control over keeping exhaust valves open at all times
  • Exhaust valves open or closed immediately on startup
  • Plug and Play - No Cutting/Splicing is Required
  • Instructions Included for Installation
R8 Gen2 Exhaust Valve Controller Package - $550.00 set

Dynamic - Valves are Fully Open at All RPM - (Steering wheel control is inactive)
Automatic - Standard Factory Valve Behavior - (Steering wheel control is active)
Comfort - Valves Remain Closed until 5000rpm - (Steering wheel control is inactive)
ESP Double Tap - Turns Module On/Off

With this exhaust valve control module you have the ability to better control your exhaust valves for specific situations. The controller allows you to keep the exhaust valves open fully in the dynamic drive select setting at all RPM. The exhaust valves will also automatically be set to dynamic when the car is started if it was shut-off in dynamic mode. In automatic mode the exhaust valves behave as they would stock allowing you to control the exhaust modes with the steering wheel controls and in comfort the exhaust valves remain closed until 5000rpm. The full drive select system stays intact and functional, plus no added key fobs or controls are needed. Works with all models that have factory or aftermarket exhausts with valving that are utilizing the factory control systems.

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