TSI Engine Timing Chain and Chain Tensioner Extension

There has been some big news! These has been a warranty extension for TSI timing chains and tensioners. The extension is 10 years or 100k miles (whichever comes first). This situation is pretty complicated so I put together an article (linked above) to offer my interpretation of the situation. Please feel free to share your experiences with the claims in the comments of this thread.

TSI Timing Component Locations

Because of all the info we have put out around the TSI timing chain stuff, we get a lot of parts related questions from those looking to order individual items (We also offer kits). This prompted us to put together this image with component identifications in the TSI timing system. On the component location we have linked to all the parts shown in this diagram. CLICK HERE TO SHOP FOR TSI TIMING PARTS


We have put out a ton of details around this, but take a look here for a very clear and simple explanation. HERE
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Here is 4 of our most recent and relevant video on this subject.

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