I have a 2017 A4 that is very difficult for me to shift into 1st or 2nd properly. When I push the shifter to the left in neutral, it is very difficult to get into 1st, and almost impossible to get into 2nd. I looked under the hood while my son shifted and it is clearly pushing the shift rod partially towards neutral, which is not the correct position for N-1 or N-2 shifts.

This is completely different tham my B5 S4 or my EOS, and different than any of the dozen or so manual transmission cars of any other brand I have owned. On every other car I can push left first, then up or down.

I have an appoitment scheduled with the dealer, but I just wanted to confirm that this is not "expected behavior". Manual B9 cars are so rare here that I'm not convinced we will have a car to compare it to at the dealership.

Thanks. I love Audi, but this car is very hard and unpleasant to drive because of this issue.