You need these parts to complete the kit (new or used)

1 x 8D0615423C - LR Caliper
1 x 8D0615424C - RR Caliper
2 x 8D0615425 - Caliper Hanger (each)
4 x N10240901 - Caliper to Caliper Hanger bolts
4 x N10181502 - Caliper Hanger to Spindle bolts

Due to popular demand, all of our 2-piece, lightweight rotors will now come with black anodized rotor hats featuring Type 3, hard anodizing, the highest quality and hardest anodizing available for aluminum. This will make the rotor hats more resistant to fade and wear and will hide brake dust better. Due to popular, demand all lightweight rotor rings will also feature zinc plating. This high quality coating will slow the effects of corrosion and keep your rotor rings looking good through the winters.

FINALLY a low cost 325mm rear BBK (Big Brake Kit) for your C5 A6 or allroad with 2.7 engine. This is the BEST BBK we make to compliment our massive 350mm 6-piston Cayenne Caliper BBK for the front. Also this kit cannot be bought anywhere else since it is a custom rotor ring and hat that is not available from any other source. NOTE: A4 requires S4 rear calipers and caliper hangers to do this conversion. Use the drop down box on the ordering page to add these.

Stock vs. JHM
-Rotor OD: Stock C5 A6 or Allroad 2.7t = 255mm(10.03"), JHM = 325mm(12.8") - Almost 3 full inches LARGER
-Rotor Cooling Air-gap: Stock = NONE, solid rotor, JHM = 13mm(.511") - LARGER for better cooling
-Rotor Cooling Center Fin Design: Stock = NONE, JHM = Airfoil - MORE EFFICIENT for better cooling
-Rotor Thickness: Stock = 10mm(.393"), JHM = 22mm(.866") - LARGER for better cooling by being able to add fins.
-Bolt pattern: - SAME (fits like an OEM rotor would)

INSTALL NOTES: Due to the relocation of the rear caliper making it more outboard you are required to unsnap and release the plastic sleeve for the parking brake cable in the lower rear control arm. This is necessary to allow the cable to be pulled rearward some so it can reach the caliper without kinking or excessive stretching. (NOTE: This sleeve is usually brittle and prone to breaking and sometimes hard to release, so don't be worried if it breaks when performing this mod. As long as you can get it so the cable can be pulled rearward some you did the job correctly)

2 - JHM 2-piece Lightweight 325mm (12.8") Rear Rotors.
2 - Caliper adapter brackets CNC machined from 1/2" steel with a high quality zinc coating. (These are supplied to us by 034 Motorsport since we didn't see the need to make these as well and thus allowed us to get our BBK to market quicker with our larger B6-B7 S4 rear lightweight rotors)
4 - Caliper adapter bracket mount bolts (also supplied by 034 to us)
NOTE: You can reuse your stock rear lines or upgrade to some stainless lines available separately
-Works with stock replacement B5 S4 rear brake pads. Such as OEM, Hawk, PBR, Mintex, Etc. We sell pads as well, if you don't see the ones you want contact us for details.

Outer ring specs:

We worked closely with a race brake manufacturer that supplies many NASCAR racers and a couple major brake kit companies. Due to their expertise we chose to have them build us the outer rings to our specs to fit the C5 A6-allroad. 12 attachment points for durability and strength.

Center hat specs:
We CNC machine the Aluminum center hats in house based on their recommended materials and thicknesses for durability. 12 attachment points for durability and strength. We also engrave JHM in them in 3 locations equal from each other, it looks clean and doesn't jump out or look tacky.

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