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    Battery Replacement Recommendations?

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    Hey AZ,

    It's time to replace my battery. What do you guys recommend? I've searched and found that the OEM battery is just a re-branded Interstate / AGM / ACDelco battery? In the past, i've had good success with a 5lb Braille CF in my MKIV Supra but i don't think i will go as extreme in this car as it's my daily and will not be hooked up to a trickle but if i can save a few pounds then why not!

    Has anyone had luck in swapping with a smaller battery say from an S3?

    Here are the specs for the OEM battery

    VW/Audi OE No. (000915105dldsp; 000915105akdsp) 110 amp hour. 520 amp

    Things to consider

    -Bracket modification

    JHM []S5

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    Tried interstate, and now back to OE from Audi. No issues, ever.
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    Bought a Bosch battery from Pepboys about year ago. Think it was around $120 or so. I have a B8 S5 2009. No issued whatsoever with the new battery.


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