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    Key Fob replacement for 05 that reports in software as 06

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    Lost my keys for with the only fob for my 2005 A6 (still have the valet key). Ugly, ugly experience having to re-key the house. I bought a 2005 replacement from eBay and had a local locksmith that has experience with Audi keys. He put my car on the computer and the programming for my '05 A6 reports itself as an '06 so the keys didn't work. Has anyone ever seen this? Also, apparently the car was mfg for the German market based on some other info it reported. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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    No I haven't seen that specific issue. I had to redo my keys and the easiest way was to wipe all and rediscover each new and old key. In this case it renumbered all the keys. Do you have access to VAG-COM and genuine cable?

    Are you having issues with programming the remote or the immobilizer?
    You would need the SCK for the immobilizer programming (you need either find it on the card that was with the car or decode it from eeprom using something like vag-tacho)

    For the keyfobs I had different experience. I bought new blank keys from ebay and some of them could not be programmed as the remote. The car would not recognize them at all even the is the same on the key. Some other keys would program just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by user534345 View Post
    . He put my car on the computer and the programming for my '05 A6 reports itself as an '06. Also, apparently the car was mfg for the German market based on some other info it reported
    If you can report back with the part# from your ECU and cluster it would tell us a lot more. The 06' Was a C6 chassis and for all purposes a completely different car. Very little other than some nuts and bolts are shared between the C5 and C6. I think possibly the mirrors maybe..? Those might even be closer to the A4 than the c5.
    So, without more info it's hard to picture how /why Audi would manufacture the later model C6 hardware and retrofit it to just a couple random C5 cars- basically NOTHING from a C6 would retrofit easily so any parts would have to be a weird hybrid and literally nonexistent if you ever had to replace one . Also, can't quite picture how a German market car would be in the US when the same model can be bought here cheap, (though it happens)- considering it would have to be changed in a variety of expensive ways to meet US specs.
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