That sounds like a ridiculous question to me, but my B9 A4 Quattro 6MT won't do it!

I've driven stick for decades, and have owned a B5 S4 and currently have an EOS in addition to my 2017 A4. I've had probably a dozen other brands of manual too. On every other car I can push left and up or left and down (all the way left), then slide up or down while maintaining side pressure. No problem.

On my 2017 A4 (20k miles, new to me), if I push all the way left it wont go into 1st or 2nd - it jams. I can only push about 7/8 left and then it will go into 1st or 2nd. I looked at the shift linkage under the hood, and I can clearly see the shift rod in the tranny is getting pushed further in than it should 0 when I make it into 1st or 2nd it is not as far in as when I push to the left in neutral.

Is this normal on newer audis? My B5 had no such behavior, nor does my Eos.

Is there a problem, or do I just need to re-learn how to shift>?