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    Speaker noise/static --- looking for advice --- factory stereo (RS6)

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    Hi all.

    I don't post much on here --- however, as I get ready to sell my RS6 I am looking for advice on a few minor things which never bothered me but may bother whomever purchases the vehicle.

    Ever since i've purchased this car there has been a minor amount of "static" or "whining" coming through the speakers which changes in tone as the cars RPM rise. It almost sounds like a missing ground somewhere in the audio system. Sometimes (very rarely) a speaker may turn off for a second and then come back on.

    I have heard of many different perspectives on this including alternator noise due to a dying alternator or, voltage regular noise (or loose ground), etc. It's never been a priority; however over the years, as I have been performing various maintenance on the car I have been hoping the "whining" will go away. About a year ago I had the voltage regulator replaced as the car had a massive engine out service and it was right there --- so, why not. This didn't solve the issue. Most recently, I've had the alternator replaced as part of another service and the noise is still there.

    In all of your opinion --- what should be my future troubleshooting method? The car has a bone stock factory audio system with an RSN-e. It does, however, have an Optima battery which has been relocated inside one of the cubbies in the trunk in lieu of the factory location within the actual trunk. As I type this I realize that I haven't checked out those power and ground cables. Perhaps they may interfere as they make the run to the front of the car.

    Outside of this --- what's everyone's opinion? thoughts on the amp, etc?

    I have never been strong in the AV game and would appreciate everyone's input :) Looking to make it perfect for the next lucky owner!

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    ground would be my first suspect
    could be the speakers failing, after almost 20 years the cone material has been deteriorating; im sure this is the cause of some buzzing in my car
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    whining is usually ground issue as indicated above. You may quickly solve it by adding two grounds: one from head unit to a piece of structural reinforcement metal under a dash and adding a ground from AMP to chassis. This should add two extra grounds on both sides of electronics.

    As far as speakers go they are 100% falling apart. The original speakers are paper+some cheap foam and after 20y they simply crumble away.


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