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    Blasted visor clips!

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    Time for some good ol comedy!

    So in my family we own 3 Audi's- a 2011 Q5, 2007 A4 Avant, and my 2009 A6.

    On every single car, we can't stop breaking the sun visor clips! On the B7 a4 they snapped early on after we got it on the drivers visor, then the passenger clip decided it had had enough and snapped too.

    On the Q5 my mother broke the clip for her sun visor early one morning, while a few days ago the passenger one catapulted itself across the car as I tried to put the visor up.

    My C6 has been lucky enough to escape the madness. But we've only had it a few weeks, and it's got low mileage.

    Had anyone else encountered this phenomenon that is the hellbent sun visor clips? In all my years of cars owned in my family (from jaguars, to Honda's, acuras, and even a Kia) up to 80,000 miles no clips have broken like they do on these darned Audi's.

    I still love driving my A6 though!

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    My last two A3ís averaged a clip replacement every two years, like clockwork.



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