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    USB Hard Drive issues in a 2018 Sportback

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    A 1 TB usb hard drive that I used with my old 2012 A4 is having issues in my 2018 Sportback. There's about 600 GB of music on the drive, and when connected to one of the 2 USB ports, it shows the entire file directory, but sees only about the third of the directories as having files. The remainder it reports as empty directories. It was originally a FAT32 drive, I reformatted it to NTFS, still the same problem. Anyone else seeing something similar?

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    try exFat or exFat32. Plus it may not see drives as large as 1TB anymore. You might want to switch to an SSD drive as caching that much data may take awhile or the car computer just times out (gives up) after so much data.

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    I ran into a similar issue with a 500GB SSD. It turns out, if you read through the manual very carefully, there is a file count limit of around 8000 music files per drive. After that, MMI can't index any more.

    I ended up getting a pair of 256GB SD cards, splitting my music (by genre) between the two card, and plugging them into the otherwise-useless SD slots in the glovebox. That kept the file counts down on each drive and it worked like a charm.

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    I believe the system will only show 2000 files per directory, or as Laird mentions above, 8000 files total.
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