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    Can you make a non-sport suspension, a sport suspension using Audi Parts?

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    I recently bought a non-sport suspension B9. I do not want to lower the car as far as the aftermarket springs companies go. I did this with GTI and while I loved the look, both the ride and my knees suffered. I'm tall guy and getting up from that low was a chore.

    Is the sport suspension nothing more than just lower factory springs? If so, can I purchase just these?

    An MSSkit to me would do the trick as well, but if I could swap in oem audi sport springs and call it a day, I'd be happy.

    So why didn't I buy a B9 with the sport suspension?...I needed a car and wanted a manual, so I bought right from the dealers lot.

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    Yes. Some do this to the Allroad to get it nice and low.
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    Id suggest with the MSS kit or 034 springs, actually most of the lowering springs doesnt slam it, most of them gives you a nice subtle drop , mines lowered on 034 and still have about 1.5 finger gaps left, Id like to be 1 finger gap mss might be my option down the road..or kw coils
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    while you can swap just the springs. You may find that the ride changes and is not similar to the full sports setup, and or the shocks wear out faster. The shocks are tuned to the spring rate of the springs. You can check by searching part numbers for the shocks for the sports vs. regular suspensions. if they are different, it would be beneficial to also change shocks.

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    You can convert a non sport car quite easily:

    Sport Suspension | A4

    For a complete conversion the front dampers and bump stops would be needed, but the springs alone can be swapped.

    If you have any questions do let me know or PM/email:


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    sport package from audi includes not only the suspension but also black headliner and black surrounding interior trim pieces and sport seats (higher bolstering). If you want the sport suspension I would advise a complete aftermarket coilover set. My car is set pretty low the tires are flush with the fenders and it rides way smoother then factory sport suspension, I know its hard to believe but its true. Also, if you dont want it that low you can adjust it up or down. To buy factory sport suspension parts to convert yours will cost way way more also.
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