I recently purchased Niche Essen 18x8 Wheels with +42 offset to replace my stock 18x8 wheels +39 offset - after using the car builder on Niche website and also on the sellers page on ebay that said the wheels fit my 2015 A6.
I had pretty serious interference with the front caliper about 12 mm shy of the hub.

Now I am lost on what wheels will fit my car without spacers and not much faith in the web pages to tell me what actually fits. I was trying to go cheap and transfer my tires over to the new wheels. But now I am open to larger wheels and for suggestions on what wheel sizes fit best on my A6. I really like the TSW Bathurst and Niche Essen style wheel.

Can anyone recommend aftermarket wheels that will fit?

Thanks in advance!


niche essen.JPG