Hello all, this is my first post. I am not sure if I am posting in the right place, admin please advise if it's not ok.

Basically got my 2018 a4 last week, and had issues with the virtual cockpit from day 1. The map started flickering when I was still at the dealership taking delivery. The problem seems to happen every time the 360 camera is triggered(by putting the car in reverse or pressing the parking sensor button). The mmi screen becomes very laggy and the virtual cockpit start flickering at the map screen only. All the other screens are fine. I also noticed that when I change the map view on the cockpit from full screen to small screen, the map loses my location and starts acting weird. (That's is always the case)

The flickering goes away of I turn the car off for a couple of minutes or if reboot the mmi.

Dealer ordered a new MDI hoping that is the problem.

I will try to upload a video later on today.

Did anyone have a similar issue or heard of such a thing?

Thank you all in advance


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Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk