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    Cleared codes and now the car won't crank long enough to start on its own?

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    Hi everyone,

    Today I hooked up my VCDS to my S4, and pulled the codes. One CAN module code for energy management active (guess I let the battery dip too low once, no big deal), one parking brake code for an intermittent power issue (but it's always worked, so no big deal), and one engine code for SAI pressure sensor intermittent short to ground (this has been causing a CEL).

    So I cleared all 3 individually, but NOW, when I press the "push to start" button, the car cranks for a fraction of a second then gives up, before the car is able to start. Obviously before, it would crank as long as it needed to to start the car. Now I have to HOLD the "push to start" button to make it crank long enough to start. What gives? Has this happened to anyone else? I tested it several times. I have no idea what I did wrong here.
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    I had something similar happen one time as well after doing vagcom...I'd push the "push to start" and it would crank for a split second and stop

    I ended up just putting the key in the actual key slot and drove it to where I had to go...after that the oush to start semeed to work fine....I do wish I knew what I did wrong as well lol
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    Some wierd stuff can happen when the battery voltage gets too low.

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    This has happened to me. I just hold the start whenever I start it after clearing codes now, nbd.

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    This happens to me as well after I do something in VCDS. It's back to normal on the next start.
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    Cycle ignition off and restart, it's normal from what dealer told me. This also happens when you activate/test systems in the car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theweebabyseamus View Post
    This has happened to me. I just hold the start whenever I start it after clearing codes now, nbd.
    This is exactly what I do also. Don't momentarily press the start/stop button ... hold it down until it starts.

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    Does it every time for me also.
    Try starting the car in the N position instead of P after.
    Dont ask me why but it works

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