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    Help me RS(insert number here) Wagon

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    I have abandoned my A6/S4 dreams because my friend reminded me that the Wagon existed and my mind basically broke.

    So today is not Wednesday but it is Wagon related. I didnít realize this, because I donít follow Audi as closely. I have always liked the wagon (allroad). I think the allroad 2.7T died in Ď05 (at least that what the internet is leading me to believe).

    But then the rs(insert number here) was born? (Correct me because Iím probably making Ďish up).

    Anyhow, I want an RS Wagon and well yeah thatís it. What are the good ones? I want a used one because I am not made out of money.
    Avant - out of the question because it's foreign?. Remember, I am an Audi noob so go easy.

    Thanks lads, Gos
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    C5 allroad models ended in the US in 2005 (I believe 2004 in Europe) and were replaced by the C6s. RS6s and RS4s have been available overseas since the early 2000s. The B5 RS4 never came to the US, and the only RS6 to come to the US was the sedan version. Later on, we also got a sedan version of the RS4 (followed by the RS5, RS3, and RS7). Never another RS6 or RS4, b/c they are wagon-only in Europe.

    There are some B5 RS4s in the US (getting cars imported that are not sold here is a tricky and expensive business, and only 3 made it I think). Last one I saw was for sale for $75k. With the costs of said importation and probably for the sake of it not happening, you pretty much have a few options, most of which are hella expensive:

    1. Abandon the hope of getting an RS wagon and buy an RS model already here (C5 RS6, B7 RS4, B8 RS5, 8V RS3, C7 RS7).

    2. Abandon the hope of getting a wagon and make an RS-version of the S-model you are rocking. I've seen this done with an S6 by a guy in Virginia. Very beautiful car and he made sure to get RS6 body panels (including the flared fenders) so in the end, it truly appears to be a sedan version of the RS6.

    3. Take an S4 or S6, and have a shop customize it into a wagon, along with the correct body work and engine.

    4. Get an allroad and go completely custom on it (drop in new engine, add RS touches, etc). Sort of the same as above except with a wagon base.

    5. Pay lots of money and wait a long time and see if a specialty importer can bring one in.

    6. Buy a Mercedes AMG wagon.
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