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    Replaced mechatronics, still having issues

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    My car was shifting funny and was having trouble in reverse.

    I replaced the mechatronics today and it didnt help much, no codes are pulling up, but in 2,4, and 6th gears it's almost like it pops in neutral when I accelerate. In 1,3,5, and 7 I can floor it with no issues.

    Could this be a single clutch failure of the even clutch pack? Could it be something smaller?

    Not really wanting to pay anyone to work on my car, I did the mechatronics myself and checked everything 10+ times before going with it.

    My car has just over 100k miles, it's a 2010 S4Snapchat-548822299.jpeg

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    Certainly sounds like a clutch issue, since it happens on all the gears on one of the clutch packs.


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