Suspension is IN! I decided to go with Solo Werks S1 Coilovers on the car. We took some time last night after work with one of JHM's awesome Technicians and performed the installation. Looking at this from a consumer side of the product here is my initial review on the entire process.

Packaging: Everything came in one big box packed in individual boxes within. Packed securely and well protected! One box even included a few stickers, lanyard and what I would call one of the most important items, a 1oz. Bottle Boeshield T-9 Lubricant/ Protection for the threads and collars.

Parts: Parts look just like the ones pictured on the website. They look well made and high quality especially for the price they charge. Shock and Strut bodies are well made and galvanized to prevent corrosion, springs have a nice powder coating on them and also a very heavy duty sheathing on them to help prevent unneeded noise from suspension articulation along with two metal locking collars for the springs with matching spanner wrenches. Parts also include a 3 year limited warranty. Also included in the box was an 11 page printed copy of the instructions they have on the website with assembly diagrams and step by step procedures to install the parts HERE.

Adjustment: Easy! With other coilovers I have had in the past the adjustment seems to be a pain. Spanner wrenches to small, not enough notches in the collars etc. The Solo Werks Coils were great. They had ample notches to grab the perches and the wrenches fit perfectly. I started with the units about halfway up and made final adjustments in the car. Piece of cake!

First Ride: With any modification you do to your car you seem to be hypersensitive to any new sounds the car might make. Clunks, creaking, a rattle all stand out with a new modification even if what you did isn't the cause. With these coilovers I didn't notice any of the above. They were as quiet as could be! The comfort level on the car is on par with the OEM. Body roll was reduced a fair amount and I'm sure once I add a bigger rear sway bar that will help a ton. Overall the car seems very planted and sure footed. I'm sure once I get a few months on these I will come back and make edits to this post.

Conclusion: For an mid-level, budget friendly coilover I give these a 10/10. The overall quality, customer service, warranty and ease of installation is great. Coming from a car with PSS9's it gives me the ability to compare them to these. The Solo Werks Coilovers stack up high on my list of favorable for many reasons for this particular car. We recently had an S3 into our shop with KW V3 Coilovers and it was a bit harsh to ride in, especially for someone driving the car as a daily. I'm sure on the track the V3's are awesome but not what I would look for on the daily. The Solo Werks gave you that firm ride without the abrupt rebound of the V3's. Comparing these coilovers to the spring kits out there is a no-brainer. You get a better ride than springs only with the ability to fine tune the ride height. You aren't relying on someone else to determine what your desired ride height should be. All in all a great kit for the price that you can be happy with!

You can purchase the Solo Werks Coilovers by clicking here: Coilover Kit - SOLO WERKS S1 COILOVER - VW MK VII 15+ 55MM (W/ REAR MULTI-LINK SUSP)

Here is what everyone really wants is to see pictures of parts and cars!