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    Flickering dashboard lights, come on one at at a time car stops running

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    This has happened twice, both times leaving me stranded. Iíve had the old battery and alternator tested and they were bad. Had them both replaced. Mechanic tested both after install said working properly.

    Drove for about a week and the dashboard lights went off completely for about 1 minute, then come back flickering. The ABS light, traction light, Air Bag light, then brake light flashed and chimed while driving. The brakes started to grab off and on. It would also no longer respond to throttle.

    Once the car was off the side of the road it would start to rough idle and eventually die. The car wouldnít crank, but interior lights would come on.

    Iím assuming itís electrical at this point, but wanted to see if anyone has delt with something like this before.

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    Engine earth strap, don't know it's location but would be worth a look.

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