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    2019 vs 2018 RS5 Coupe

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    The newest order guide included details for the 2019 RS5 Coupe so I thought I'd go though it and see what has changed between 2018 and 2019. Hopefully these will apply to the 2019 RS5 Sportback too.

    Link to the 2019 Order Guide with the RS5 Coupe details:

    2019 vs 2018 - RS5 Coupe Differences (US Spec)
    * 2019 Base includes the Navigation Package from 2018
    * 2019 Base includes Audi Phone Box
    * 2019 Base includes Direct TPMS instead of being part of the Dynamic Plus Package in 2018
    * 2019 has LED headlights and taillights with dynamic turn signals (not listed in the order sheet from 2018 but I'm pretty sure it had these too?)
    * 2019 Base lists RS Sport Suspension vs 2018 listing RS fixed suspension (likely the same thing?)
    * 2019's RS Driver Assistance Package now includes Park Steering Assist
    * 2019 has High-Gloss Black exterior mirror covers in the Black Optic Package. In 2018 they were body color
    * 2019 now has Black Optic Carbon Package and a Matte Alu-Optic Carbon Package
    -- Basically gives you carbon exterior mirror covers, real lip spoiler, front spoiler and side trim
    * 2019 also has the option to get black Audi rings and badges and a heated steering wheel (no flat bottom)
    * 2019 has the same wheel options as 2018 + a silver only version of the 20" 5-arm-trapezoid wheels
    * All other options / features look to be the same except as noted above
    * No new seating or exterior color options in 2019

    I think that's everything..

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    Thanks for the comparison.

    I wonder if the Audi Phone Box can be retrofitted. I thought it was a bit stingy on Audi's part not to include wireless charging standard on the 2018.
    2018 RS5 fully loaded. Mods TBD

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    Great thread heymoe! Hope the Sportback follows suit with the same arrangements as the Coupe.....Oh my, I just added a Black Optic Carbon Package(in lieu of Black Optic), and the Black Badges/Rings to my RS5 Sportback......more $$$$, but I'm glad they decided to offer this in the US!!! Oh well!!! Thanks Audi, IF you do this for the SB's as well!
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