there continues to be very rare to non existent sightings in the nyc area.

a car as good looking as this with the benefit of the hatchback and im wondering why.

the sb does have its sales impacted by both the coupe and convertible.

might also be the jump in price for those choosing the a4 who might be on a budget or are more price conscious.

and then there is also those who prefer the a7 also with a hatchback.

but with the big jump in price from the a5 to a7 i would think would work in the a5's favor but it doesnt appear to be.

at least not yet, but that can possibly begin to change going forward.

also i purchase dont lease, and resale value is of some concern.

since there currently appears to be modest interest in this car could that translate into be a positive or negative at trade in time.

there is little to no history regarding that so only time will tell.

the car has only been on scene for around a year, and sales can pick up as years pass.

but i think one of the best ways to increase sales is incentives to get your car on the streets and lets drivers see them.

to make it clear...i love the car... audi is a top brand name, good value, and exciting and fun to drive.

i really dont mind if i dont see any on the street, in fact i somewhat like that...i was just expecting more on the road with this new model, and im wondering why i havent seen that.

any thoughts?